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APT6 Lotions

Apt.6 Skin Co Lotions Every Apt.6 lotion is crafted with carefully curated ingredients used in...

Moving, Shipping and Storage Supplies – We have what you need.

https://youtu.be/LdPHpyd4bts Moving, Shipping and Storage Supplies - We have what you need.

Valentines Day – $50 Giveaway

https://youtu.be/Sk9V0_jZIyQ https://rdmovingandstoragesupplies.ca/product-category/just-for-you/ Subscribe to our channel & leave us a comment, telling us why you...
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Video 11 Telescopic Boxes

https://youtu.be/b_xJMP1GVwk We all have a special Picture or Mirror that was either passed down from...
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Video 10 Multi Depth Boxes

https://youtu.be/gNYUCGi6AjY An alternate way to ship many different sized items with one box size that...
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Video 9 Reducing A Box Size

https://youtu.be/hfXGvDc_Abw Another easy way to adjust and or reduce your box size so you are...
Christmas Display Made From Moving Supplies

Christmas Display Made From Moving Supplies – Who says you can’t make Moving Fun during Christmas!

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Video 8 – Reducing a Box Size

https://youtu.be/Uv3crZST3Lo We know how frustrating it can be to not be able to find the...
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Video 7 – Loading a Tape Dispenser and Taping a Box

https://youtu.be/Z8aZAeos9k4 Whether you’re sending a package to someone you care about across the country or...
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Video 6 – Box Strength and Thickness

https://youtu.be/QRWENrJtgdI Another quick video to help you understand the different box strengths and thickness. So,...