Lets All Work Together To Stay Safe !!


 You may not be able to move mountains,

but you can plan an organized move with a little help.

Two Months Before

Sort and Purge                 Go through every room in your home and decide what you would like to keep and what you should get rid of.

Research                            Start your search for a reliable moving company.  Never rely on a quote over the phone,  an on-site estimate is essential and you must get it in writing.

Create a Moving Binder  A binder to keep all your quotes/estimates, receipts of any supplies and important phone  numbers. Also great to make an inventory list to keep track of items packed.

Organize Records          If you have children, arrange for their records to be transferred to their new school. 

 Six Weeks Before

Order Supplies                  Pick up your supplies of Boxes, Tape, Bubble Wrap and Newsprint.  Available also are Specialty Boxes to help the packing process be more organized, such as, Flat Screen TV Boxes, Dish Barrel, Wardrobes Boxes and Small / Large Picture Boxes.

Use It or Lose It                This is a great time to start using up frozen foods and perishables so you don’t have to pack it up on moving day.

Take Measurements        Measuring the rooms and doorways at your new home will ensure less stress on moving day when you have large items that may not fit where you imagined it would.

One Month Before

Choose Your Mover         Choose your mover and get written confirmation of moving date, cost and other details you may need.

Begin Packing                    When you begin this task, start with items you use less frequently and your home décor.  While you are packing, make notes in your binder of special items that need to be declared in writing for insurance.

Label                                   Clearly label and number your boxes with its contents and desired room in your new home.  Creating this list of boxes and contents in your binder, you will keep an Inventory of your belongings.  This is especially important for your essentials that you will need right away in your new home.

Separate Valuables          Having a safe box (white is helpful)  that you will move yourself on moving day is important.  These contents will be items such as, Jewellery, Passports, and any other important files, especially the movers quote.

Address Change         This is important to get done now, the following list of parties to contact with your new address.

                                                            Canada Post                                      

                                                            Revenue Canada

                                                            Ministry of Transportation/Health Card


                                                            Credit Card Companies



                                                            Human Resources

                                                            Transfer of Medical Files and Prescriptions

                                                            Newspaper/Magazine subscriptions

   Two Weeks Before

Book Time Off                   Arrange with your workplace to be off the day of your move.  If possible the day before to finalize packing and the day after to settle into your new home.

Safe Deposit Box              If you are changing Cities/Province or Country, clean out your safe deposit box and place in your safe box that will be accompanying you on moving day.

Contact Movers                 Reconfirm your arrangements

 One Week Before

Prescriptions                      Refill your prescriptions that you may need in the next couple of weeks.

Pack Suitcase                    You should try to aim to finish your packing a few days before moving day.  Having a suitcase for each family member with a few days of clothes will help with this.

Defrost Freezer                 If your fridge is coming with you, make sure it is defrosted and cleaned at least 24hrs before moving day.

Confirm Details                 Contact Movers to confirm arrival time.  Also a good time to check everything is in order with your move in date at your new home.

Payment                             If you have not already made arrangements to pay movers by Credit Card, get a Money Order or Cash for payment and tip.  If you feel the staff did an excellent job a tip is always appreciated as is refreshments during the move.

           Moving Day

Verify                                  Scams are not unheard of.  Make sure the moving company that shows up is the one you hired.  Moving Truck must have companies branded name and staff are usually dressed in company uniform.  

                                                        Watch this video provided by CBC News Market Place about a Moving Company out of Etobicoke, Ontario caught red handed scamming its client;


Take Inventory                  Before you sign the Bill of Lading, take inventory of your things and make sure you get a copy before they leave.


That's about it……. And so now your adventure begins!!