Packing Peanuts / Loose Fill 20 Cubic Feet



The general protective functions:

Cushioning:  Absorbs impacts and protects breakables.

Void Filling:  Fills empty spaces and prevents products from banging into each other.

Block & Bracing:  Stabilizes objects or individual articles in their position.

Wrapping:  Protects completely against contact damage such as impact and scratches.

Loose Fill:

Applications in the box…

During filling, PELASPAN® Loose Fill automatically flows
into all gaps and fill every empty space in a box. Individual
peanuts interlock so that when properly used they form a
vibration-proof cushion around the product being packed
and also prevent contents from shifting Due to their elastic
resilience and ability to withstand high pressure loads, the
packaging peanuts protect goods from stresses and strains
during transportation. The availability of packaging peanuts
with greater densities, makes Loose Fill the perfect choice
for shipping heavier items as well.

Protective Property of Loose Fill…

▪ Void Filling