2″ Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser



A Heavy Duty tool you need if you dispense excessive amounts of tape.
Made for tough jobs, this tool can take the use, and abuse, that only a busy jobs environment can offer it.
Ideal for factories or warehouses, it is what you need to get the job done.

With adjustable tension for tighter, or looser, tape jobs, you are sure to get the job quality you seek when you tape your items.

This rugged tool even offers a rubber support roller to make the tape flow soft and smooth and hold on to the tip of the tape once cut your last run. This makes for an interrupted tape flow when you are doing those large tape jobs.

All about this tape dispenser screams “Use me, and I will get the job done for you!”.

A perfect tool that completes your factory/warehouse tool kit. We have it for you!


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