Video 1 – Introduction

Let’s be honest here! Moving is no joke. It requires focus, dedication, lots of effort and patience. From the moment you decide to move or sell your home, to the moment you are unpacking in your new home, you have the bull by the horns that requires great strength to take it where you want to go. That is where we come in. We aim to be the over seeing eye, the shining light that takes you all the way home. From our experiences to our accumulated knowledge and insights, we seek to guide you from the moment you decide to move or sell your home to your new pad, like friends who have been there and done that. Delve into these videos with a light heart, an open mind, and may it be the life boat in this ocean of stress you are about to sail into. May we suggest you pour yourself a glass of wine, or your favourite coffee, and perhaps some chocolate and strawberries to indulge yourself in, to set the mood for a joy filled and entertaining experience. Raul & Dawn